Study says coworkers who take coffee breaks perform better

Caffeine brings closeness

Study says coworkers who take coffee breaks perform better
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06/07/18 | StarsInsider


Chatting with coworkers over coffee is a staple of workplace life. When people are spending 40+ hours a week together, taking a minute to convene over caffeine may be more than just a break.

A new study out of Ohio State University found that drinking coffee together leads to workers being more positive toward their colleagues. The researchers conducted two studies, one with a group that was drinking caffeinated coffee and performing work tasks, and another that was doing the same activities, but unknowingly drinking decaf coffee throughout.

“We found that increased alertness was what led to the positive results for team performance. (And) not surprisingly, people who drank caffeinated coffee tended to be more alert,” doctoral student Amit Singh wrote in a statement. “We suspect that when people are more alert they see themselves and the other group members contributing more, and that gives them a more positive attitude.”

Go ahead and take that coffee break—your work life may depend on it.


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